Thank you!

I sent this email to the group that we were camping with:

You will get to hear the full rundown of our adventure some time - there are many stories to tell and angles to explore. Mary is jotting down notes and gathering side-stores from others involved and will certainly share this once it's done. We're still trying to unpack and clean up from camping so a brief note won't do the story justice. In the meantime, talk to anyone involved and you'll hear a tale of God's faithfulness and His work through His people.

I wanted to express my public gratitude to God for:

I'd also like to thank so many for their involvement. I realize all of these people would rather serve in obscurity but I think their work, no matter how small, deserves recognition. Remember all those folks listed who worked on the wall in Nehemiah? God had their names recorded for history!

Unfortunately, like any list of names we put together this one is bound to be missing one or two. I'll send out an addendum once I know who's missing.

Thanks to:
We serve an awesome God and are members of a great local body! May He be glorified by all of this.

Thank you all.

- Doug Valkenaar