Special Thanks

We've had lot's of help throughout this and we're certainly not trying to list everyone who's done anything, but there are some who particularly stand out:

GOD. Without His Grace, this would have been impossible to endure.

Linda Peevyhouse. For sitting with Doug in the waiting room during surgery.

Suzi Picha and Darlla Atnip. From watching the kids to organizing meals. Encouraging words and a special friendship - Thanks!

The doctors and nurses. Dr. Washington, the general practitioner and his gentle ways; Dr. Bogerty and her skilled hand with the surgery and thorough explanations; Dr. Rubenstein, the oncologist, and his careful analysis of the issues; Lisa in CCU and her gentle encouragement; Dr. Chung, the anesthesiologist, and his humor and expert IV handling; the whole staff in the oncology ward (5th floor) and their "humanness".

Mary's Parents. Shopping, watching kids, hospital visits, running errands - thanks for all the help!

Doug's Mom. Being available to help in whatever way possible. Special "thanks" for sharing the need with her congregation, leading her interim-pastor to visit in the hospital and follow-up with phone calls at home. It's exciting to see our family in Christ pull together.

Mary's Aunt and Uncle from Winnemucca. Thanks for staying with us at the hospital so much and being an encouragement to Mary.

Sister's Nancy and Sharon. Certainly pumped her up on her second day home!

There are so many that have prayed, brought meals, sent cards and flowers, visited, and more. Thanks so much!!

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