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Mary's Journal: August 16

Hello All,

It has been a bit of a week for me. Monday was chemo No 5. I talked to the doctor about the CAT Scan I had done last week. The mass is now 2.5X1.5 cm. Much smaller than when we began this process. I am very grateful the chemo is working so well.

I still don't know if my next chemo will be the last and I won't know until two to three weeks later when I have another CAT Scan. The small mass that is left may be scar tissue. If this is the case it will still be the same during the next CAT Scan. That would end chemo.

If the mass shrinks that would indicate there are still live cancer cells. This would require at least two more chemo treatments. So, all of you who are praying for me can stop praying the mass would leave and begin praying that it would stay the same. :-)

I have been having pain in my arm for the past couple of months. This can be a normal part of chemo and there wasn't much concern about it - only take care of the arm and try to save the veins.

I have been complaining about it and other symptoms have surfaced to make the doctors think something more was going on. An ultrasound indicated that I have blood clots in my jugular vein. This may have been caused from the pressure the mass was putting on the veins when it was so large or from the chemo. Whatever the cause I am now taking Coumadin, a blood thinner. I could be taking this for quite some time, according to what the doctor said.

Now I have to say how God worked today in little ways. My sister came today so that she could help me with some work around the house. We didn't do anything with the house but she was here to take me to the hospital and to be with me while I was learning this information about myself. It was wonderful that she was already here and ready to help. This was particularly wonderful today because Doug wasn't around to be able to be with me. It is good to see that God is preparing for me again before I knew I needed it. I am again grateful that nothing has happened with this clot during the time we haven't known about it.

I can't say enough about the amount of peace God is continuing to give me through this whole ordeal. I can be very fretful but He helps me during these hard times to trust him and rest in his hands. Today when I was laying on the ultrasound table the tech told me that she was seeing clots. She was also training another woman. The discussion going on was upsetting me and I could have easily just cried. Instead I prayed. The overwhelming peace God gave me at that time was wonderful. It is good to be able to go through these times to see that God is alive and working. His promises are true.

Continuing to trust Him,

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