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Mary's Journal: July 11

I just want to drop a short note so that you know what is going on here.

We had a wonderful weekend camping, near Big Sur, at our favorite camp ground. It was wonderfully relaxing next to a river big enough for the kids to play in but small enough not to carry them too far away. We have camped, until this year, in a tent. Before camping season began God provided the money to buy a tent trailer. (It is wonderful to have a place to get into bed without someone having walked on it.) After we got the trailer and made camping plans we found that I had cancer. We were all disappointed thinking that we wouldn't even be able to break in the trailer this year. Later we realized that because we have the trailer we can think about going camping. This gives me a place to wash and brush while avoiding the public bathrooms. And a comfortable place to rest. How good that Gods timing is so perfect in allowing us to get the trailer, making it possible for us to camp before we knew it would be more challenging this year. Now, if Doug only had a little more vacation time. :-) He had some unexpected time spent hanging around a hospital that ate up most of that. Oh well. We will have to see what we can do on the weekends.

Joshua had a cold last week. While we were camping Jesse, Elizabeth and myself developed sore throats and runny noses. I have been told to call the Oncologist about any illness that I develop. Calling the doctor about a simple cold seems too silly but I did. I didn't think they would want me in for blood tests; they did. My blood counts are good now. I was told that if I develop even a simple sinus infection it could put me in the hospital. Oral antibiotics work only if there are white blood cells present in the blood. If my blood counts drop too low and I have an infection I would need IV antibiotics. I tell you all this so that you can pray this won't happen. Maybe I should have sent Joshua to Africa last week. :-)

Thank you for your notes and prayers,

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