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Mary's Journal: June 27

I am feeling great! I am getting injections once a week to help my blood count. It is working wonderfully. Even during the time that I was at my lowest I didn't feel too bad. I needed two naps each day but I was doing OK.God is so good to allow me not to be nauseated, food taste good to me, so far I haven't had trouble with mouth sores and I am being able to maintain a mostly normal
life. Still the biggest change is that I need more rest than I really want. It is hard to look at what needs to be done, or what I want to be doing, then to go to bed. I know this is just for a time but it doesn't make that part easier.

We have a winner for the "Lets Say Something Mindless Award". While making plans for a dear family to stay with us all thought was on my well being, "Are your sure you want us to stay with you? I don't want the kids to get into your hair." Absolutely no chance of that! Sorry Delinda, I just thought it was too funny not share.

I am going this afternoon to have my wig trimmed around my face. When Elizabeth first saw it see gave me a quick, evaluation of what see saw, "That's weird, take it off." Oh well, I didn't succeed in impressing her.

Speaking of hair I again have to say that it is amazing what God has done in that area. I am still amazed that it doesn't bother me not to have hair. It is fun wearing hats and I am enjoying the excuse to do so. I have cried over bad hair cuts but I don't mind that I don't have hair now.

Monday is Chemo number 3. You can pray that the IV will go in easily and that God will give me peace to not be anxious about it. Another opportunity to let God work. I'll let you know how it goes.


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