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Mary's Journal: June 13

Hello again,

I had Chemo No. 2 yesterday. I am such a baby. I began to cry even before the IV was being put in. I have this thing about IV. The thing is that I hate them terribly. To make matters worse the nurse had trouble getting the vein that was rolling around my arm. More tears. I wish I didn't cry so easily. As my sister says, "I am a Goodman by birth." We girls can cry, just ask Dad. Fortunately, the second attempt went in easily. The procedure was uneventful but even before the IV was removed I was feeling pressure behind my eyes, head ache coming on, dizziness and had a hard time processing information; like my brain was in slow motion. I am glad to say that is gone this morning. I also learned that having pizza on the night of Chemo isn't a good idea. Caused a little nausea but not bad. A nice little pill the doctor gave me help wonderfully. I was thinking today that God has been so good to help me in some small areas, such as: Not caring that I am bald. Really, I am usually pretty picky about my hair. I have been know to cry over bad cuts. (Silly, but the truth.) I ran out the door today to go to a doctor's appointment with nothing on my head and thought I should go back in for a hat so I don't cause an accident driving down the road. God is so very comforting even in the little things. The other thing is that the Chemo isn't too bad. After yesterday's effects I am feeling good today. I think the Prednisone helps. It is a pick you upper. I know that I will be tired around next Monday so pray for me then. It is a bit hard feeling good and know I have to do this thing that is going to wipe me out and I don't even get to bring a baby home for all the effort. :-)

Pray that I won't be so upset by the IV stuff. Another little thing I need God's strength for. Needles just aren't my best friend. Having to be poked four times in one day made me a bit more sympathetic to my children's immunization shots. At least they don't have to have them through an IV!

Thank you again for all the prayers and for those of you who are being here to help with the children or bring meals a special thank you to you. You can't know how much you are lightening my load.



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