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Mary's Journal: September 14

Sorry this is a bit late. I know some of you are wondering what has been happening and how things are going. I would say things are going wonderfully. Let me do a little catch-up. Wednesday, September 6th was my last chemo. At least that is what the doctor is thinking. We will confirm this next week with a CT scan. If the scan shows the same amount of scar tissue seen in the last scan I will have no more chemo. If the mass is gone or considerably smaller (indicating it was more than scar tissue) I will need to have two more chemos. When I see the doctor on September 27th, I will find out when radiation begins. I expect that will take up most of the month of October.

I am very excited that chemo is most likely over. I have a small reservation that is keeping me from throwing up a hooray.

Our family life is normal for the most part. Many are helping to make that possible by helping with children and meals. I am so very grateful to those of you who are helping us.

The greatest work of late has been in the hearts of the children. I am seeing a wonderful desire in Joshua to help and encourage me. He knows when I am having a hard time, will come put his arm around me and make a joke about my hair or just grin his silly grin. It makes me smile when I don't feel like. God continues to work and give us peace.........

And fun times together. Wednesday, after chemo, we left for four days of camping at Shaver Lake. We rented Sea Doo's. The doctor had told me due to the bacteria in the water not to get "in". I never was "in" the water but I didn't exactly stay dry either. I had planned to not to ride the Sea Doo's, knowing it would be hard to stay dry that way but Darlla (sorry, have to blame someone) wouldn't take "no" for an answer. What a blast! I could be hooked on a new sport. :-)

I feel so very blessed to be able to spend the time away with the family. It is easy to begin to complain, but I think that I could still be struggling to breathe - or dead. Suddenly I don't feel things are quite as bad as I may think. How easy it is to forget how bad I felt when I feel so good now. I am thankful God has allowed me more time here with my family and dear sweet husband.

The family's new past time is watching Mom's hair grow. Sound exciting?

May God show you His immeasurable peace,

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