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Mary's Journal: May 24

Hello All,

I thought that since I have been finding myself wanting to e-mail many people about how I am doing and knowing I don't have that much energy, I would just send a note to all of you.

First there may be some of you who don't know yet what is going on with me and this sounds a bit strange. In short I was having trouble breathing. My doctor treated me for asthma. As my condition worsened an x-ray revealed a mass growing in my chest. Through a wildly fast series of events we have come to learn that I have (now lets see if I can get this name right) primary mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. In short non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Even shorter: Cancer. With that being said God is so very good. He is comforting and sustaining all of us. We don't need to fear, be overwhelmed or stress needlessly. He is our strength and healer. The doctor has also said that he is very hopeful that this is treatable and curable. For a more detailed account of the past week and a half you can go to our web page at:

I think this is Doug's way of stress relief. :-)

I have been to church today. It was so good to be there. I came home from the hospital on Thursday after starting to feel that I wasn't going to get back here just because I was so buzzed by the events of the week. The CAT scan and bone marrow biopsy (ouch!) both came back clear, PTL! Already my breathing is wonderfully better. I hadn't been able to even lay on my back and now I can lay on my back with Jesse on my chest. It feels so good to be able to do that again. God is good. I am wrapped by prayer and he is sustaining me. Today I feel really weak. I am starting to wonder how bad this is going to get before it gets better. The doctor said that my lowest point will be between days 5 to 10 after the chemo. Today is day five. I am hoping this is a low as I will get. I don't like feeling that I can hardly raise my hand to my mouth. It is good that I can type with out much effort.

I love to hear from all of you. If you call and it isn't a good time I am feeling pretty good about saying so. Thank you to all of you who are praying. God truly is so very close. I have to say that I am glad to have the opportunity to trust and depend on him. Not that I am glad that I am feeling like this but that my walk with will my Lord is growing and will continue to do so. For that I am grateful.


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