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David and Lisa's Odyssey Trip

September | October 2000 | November

PA140001 PA140003 PA140005 PA140007 PA140008
PA150010 PA150011 PA150015 PA150016 PA150017
PA150019 PA160021 PA160023 PA160024 PA160025
PA160026 PA160027 PA160028 PA160029 PA160033
PA160034 PA160036 PA160037 PA160038 PA160040
PA160041 PA160042 PA160043 PA170044 PA170045
PA170046 PA170048 PA170049 PA170051 PA170052
PA170054 PA170055 PA170056 PA170059 PA180060
PA180061 PA180063 PA180065 PA180067 PA180068
PA180070 PA180073 PA180074 PA190076 PA210001
PA210003 PA210004 PA210081 PA210082 PA210083
PA210084 PA210085 PA210086 PA210087 PA210089
PA220008 PA220013 PA230014 PA230016 PA230019
PA230021 PA240022 PA240023 PA240024 PA240025
PA240027 PA240028 PA240029 PA240030 PA250032
PA250035 PA250036 PA250038 PA260039 PA260040
PA260042 PA260043 PA260044 PA260045 PA270046
PA290047 PA290048 PA290049 PA290050 PA290054
PA290056 PA290057 PA300059 PA300060 PA300063
PA300067 PA300068 PA300070 PA300072 PA310073
PA310075 PA310076 PA310079

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