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Odds and Ends
1999 Rose Parade Article

Trip Facts

  • We'll travel over 60,000 miles. More than 22,000 by bicycle. The rest mostly by plane or ferry.
  • 244 riders.
  • Keeping in contact via PocketMail, phone (rarely), and FedEx.
06/24 - Car broken into and almost everything stolen.
Detailed Itinerary
Sample Daily Route Guide
Given to the riders each morning.

Our Bicycle

You asked if our tandem is a Titanium. No, it's a '99 Santana Sovereign -- aluminum, It replaced a '95 aluminum Santana that was wrecked when we were run over by a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer last August.

Though not quite as stiff as a Titanium, it's a little bit lighter.

News Clippings


TK&A handed out their first effort at an Odyssey 2000 newsletter. Here is some info from it.

  • In the past five months we have visited 18 countries and pedaled more than 12,000 kilometers.
  • There are six EFM'rs: Bill Bliss, Truheart Brown, Bill Huseman, Marc Palumbo, Dan Oshop and Ruth Watson.
  • The gear-locker-trailers and trucks are being held ransom by the shipping company. After being paid the quoted price in advance, they want another $10,000 to release them.
  • Two more mechanics have been added, and more bike parts have been obtained. (Hurray and it's about time.)

And some health news:

  • Dave Porterfield is finally able to join us. (He's the guy who broke his hip in training in December.)
  • Priscilla Spencer is back for awhile. (She's the one who joined the ride as a symbolic gesture of freedom for two friends who had breast cancer -- and two months ago was diagnosed with breast cancer.) She is currently undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Tom Rail is back after solving a heart problem.
  • Dennis Anderson is back after recovering from pneumonia.
  • Else is back after cracking a few ribs last week which resulted in a collapsed lung.
  • Dickie from Missouri broke a few ribs and dislocated his shoulder a few days ago. (He's the guy that had never flown in an airplane before his trip to Burbank to start this trip.)

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