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01/01 Hope you, too, have a great year of happiness, discovery, challenges, friendships and love. I am sure that WE will.

Some info:

  • We will travel over 60,000 miles. More than 22,000 by bicycle. The rest mostly by plane or ferry.
  • The first miles of our odyssey will be on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena as we ride in the Rose Parade. Our group will be the first 'unit' in the parade. We will be one of six tandems - probably hidden in the middle of the 240 other custom-made, look-alike Raleigh Bicycles. Lisa will be waving with TWO HANDS as much as possible. Hope this will help you pick us out.
  • From the parade, we head south into Mexico, then on to Costa Rica and Panama, then to Chili and Argentina.
  • Here's a detailed, yearlong itinerary. It's in Adobe Acrobat format. You can also visit This site also contains a world map showing our route. It is also "close." Why just 'close?' Because the exact route is every evolving. The Odyssey2000 website was updated about 6 months ago.
  • The odyssey website also contains Rider Profiles that cover us and many other of the 244 riders on this journey.
  • This website will be maintained by my son Doug (His e-mail address is This site will contain selected pictures from our trip.
  • The last legs of our journey will be New Zealand in November-December, than two weeks in Hawaii, then fly to San Diego and ride into Los Angeles.
  • And finally, our final miles will be in the Rose Parade 2001.


Love to all. David and Lisa

Hello everyone!

We're in San Diego, soon to cross our first border into Mexico. Beautiful ride so far. And YES, we were in the parade. Froze our butts off!! But, because of some kind of last minute snafu with the parade organizers, we started 10 minutes early, before the TV coverage!! Well, it was fun for us anyway, but we're really sorry you missed it. Maybe next year...

So far, it's been a lot colder than we thought. And it sure seems to get dark early when you have a tent to set up! But all part of the adventure.

Thinking of you...


Lisa and David

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