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07/22 Sweden, Lysekill to Goteberg

We rode into town this morning for breakfast. Typical small beach town. Very crowed due to a jazz festival, a restaurant festival, and being in the midst of a three week national Holiday (vacation) period for the whole country.

We left with the request to Larry to be picked up between 2:30 and 3. We rode from town to the ferry, then about 100 km's of farms and fields, forests and streams, some very big, very high, and very long bridges, and many small towns getting to Goteberg.

The weather was generally sunny, though we had a few big raindrops from some occasional clouds during the day.

Larry came by about 3:30. We went with him to find a lodging place. We ended up in a 4-person bunk house at a campground right next door to TK&A's dirt camp-fields.

TK&A arranged for dinner on the other side of town. They arranged for a bus to drive everyone there at 6 and then again at 7. Joan got in about 5:40 so we opted to follow the 7 o'clock bus to dinner -- a 25 minute drive across town.

Dinner was prepared and served by a catering company in their own restaurant facility. The food was the most quantity and the largest variety of any we've had on the trip.

We returned to our VERY SMALL room for four about 9:30. The room was so small that only two could be out of bed at the same time -- but it was clean, airy and comfortable.

Love to all, David and Lisa

07/23 Goteberg, Sweden to Ebletoff (Darby Strand), Denmark

We had an early start this morning -- up at 5, breakfast at TK&A camp at 6, get to the ferry terminal at 7, then catch the ferry at 8 for a 3 1/2 hour ride to Federikshavn, Denmark.

The ferry was really large, new and nice, and the seas were really calm, thus, it was a calm, smooth and beautiful ride.

On the ferry we all discussed the options for getting to Berlin from Helsinki. We identified several alternatives, then we decided we needed the help of a travel agent so we could get solid info on ferry and train costs and times. We agreed that all of us should go to the travel agent together.

At Frederikshavn, we all went into the quaint little downtown together. We had three stops to make -- a travel agent for the Helsinki ferry info, a bank to get some Danish Kronen, and a cafe for lunch. We did not find a travel agent open. We (Lisa and I) were able to get some money. Larry's and Joan's bank card wouldn't work, so we took out extra for them. We did find a bakery with good sandwiches and great pastries -- which we were happy to partake in.

Since it was our driving day we had to arrange for lodging for the night. L&J took off down the route. They asked to be picked up about 5.

We went to the Tourist Office and were able to arrange for two rooms in a B&B just 5 KM from the Odyssey camp.

Then we went for a ride. We rode out about 20 K where we stopped to check our map. We looked up the side street and there was Charmaine and Linda struggling with a tire. We helped them fix a flat and change the tire.

Then we took off down some VERY small and remote side roads. We rode through fields and forests, over hill and dale. We rode through many, many windmill generator farms. We even came upon an ostrich farm. (The ostriches were not too friendly.)

Then back to the car and down the road to pick up L&J. We caught them at 5 just 8K short of the checkpoint. They rode to checkpoint where we picked them up.

Then we all drove to Ebletoff where we checked into our VERY lovely rooms at our B&B. The gentleman who ran the place was really interesting. He used to work for Monsanto. He won a trip to S.F. about 8 years ago. He LOVED it there. He told us of a shortcut to the TK&A camp in Darby Strand. It was just 2 Km's down a rough dirt road through some woods. THAT was fun.

We had another great, catered dinner at the camp, then back to our rooms.

Love to all, David and Lisa

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