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09/04 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, to Brugge, Belgium

Today was a layover day in Luxembourg for the Odyssey. The four of us had signed up a long time ago with Fred (from all over) for a visit and tour of Brugge, Belgium. We all agreed to leave Luxembourg about 3:30 for the drive to Brugge.

Lisa and I took a bus into town (Luxembourg City) this morning. We wanted to see some of it with the short time we had. We found, as soon as we got off the bus, that there was a sidewalk sale in the city center area.

It turned out to be a HUGE area of the city center area that was blocked off for the sidewalk sale. We had a ball window shopping, snacking, people watching, and listening to the street musicians. (We couldn't find Berkenstocks though. )

One really fun thing was finding "Amazon" perfume. So why were we looking for "Amazon" perfume.

Earlier this morning we were talking to Karen-Ann and mentioned that Lisa likes to prowl around perfumeries and has done it all over Europe. Karen-Ann mentioned, in a very long and detailed story, that she has worn Amazon perfume by Hermes for the last 20 years and lately has not been able to find it. She asked Lisa to keep an eye out for it.

To make another long story short, Lisa and I (mostly Lisa) checked in half a dozen perfumeries looking for Amazon perfume. In the 5th store, Lisa asked for Amazon. The clerk went to a bottom drawer of one of the cabinets and found four bottles. We bought 3 of them.

We took them back to the hotel and knocked on the door of Karen-Ann's room When she opened the door she had a long face. (Another story...)

We told her, "We have bad news. We'll have extra weight going to Australia." Her face got considerably longer. Then we presented the perfumes to her. She was ecstatic!!!

It was getting close to time to leave so we headed back to the room and packed. By 3:30, we were packed and loaded in the car.

We hopped on the interstate and headed for Brugge. Got there about 7. Checked in with Fred, got our room assignment, moved in, then went across the street for dinner.

The restaurant had the name of "Laurel and Hardy." (Most dishes could be ordered "Laurel" (smaller) or "Hardy" (larger) -- with commensurate prices. BUT, they were absolutely delicious, gourmet dishes!

Love to all,
David and Lisa

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